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About this website

This is the website of science writer/communicator

Jack Challoner.

I have always prided myself in explaining scientific ideas clearly in an appropriate way to whoever is listening or reading – hence the title of this website.

I intend to devote this online space to explaining scientific concepts, as well as why science is such a powerful way to interpret the world around us (and the rest of the Universe beyond).

I hope to catalogue good and bad examples of science explanation, and not just to blog the latest science news; there are hundreds of websites out there that do that. Having said that, if a particular science news story catches my eye, I might link to it and comment on it.

If you have any questions about science – perhaps you are confused by something or you are wondering how you might explain something to your child or a friend – then do contact me. You’ll find my e-mail address at the top right of each page of this website.
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About me

I studied physics (a long time ago), then trained as a science and maths teacher. After that, I worked at London’s Science Museum in the Education Unit – and in the museum’s flagship interactive gallery, Launch Pad.

I left the museum in 1991 to write science and technology books and to write and perform science shows in museums, libraries and schools. If you would like to know more about my writing, click here.

Recently, I worked for two years on the development of science television programmes for BBC Scotland.

Finally, I am also a musician and singer: I compose and produce music for film and for fun. More details and samples to follow soon. I’m very keen to get more experience of writing music for films, so do get in touch if you are interested.


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