The Cell … and The Atom

I was delighted to learn a few weeks ago that my book The Cell, published by the lovely people at Ivy Press, in association with Chicago University Press, is a finalist in the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s ‘Excellence in Science Books Prize’. The other finalists are amazing, so just being picked is a great honour….

Book launch – in NYC

Well, Maker Lab seems to be selling really well, and the good folks at DK NYC have organised a launch event for the book in the new school year. It’ll be at the Powerhouse Arena, Main Street, Brooklyn on Sunday September 25th. Follow this link for all the details: book launch details. Maybe see you there!…

Happy birthday, Dr Snow

Today (14th March) was Einstein’s birthday (he was born in 1879). It was also pi day – happy pi day (should really be tau day – to understand why, see this great video by the wonderful Vi Hart). But I was most excited because it was the day of publication of my narrative biography of John…

New books

I have been very busy … On 31st January 2012, Chartwell Books published Amazing Weather Facts and Trivia – the latest book from my pen (well, my computer keyboard). It is a companion to Amazing Human Body Facts and Trivia, which was published in the summer 0f 2011. I don’t normally blog about new books, but…

Genius: Great Inventors and their Creations

My new book was published on 14th October 2010. I rather like it. It contains pull-out copies of important historical documents – patents, lab notebooks, technical drawings – regarding some of the most important inventions. It was published by Carlton Books, in association with the Science Museum.