About us

  • Our launch party, in Bristol, UK, 2017.

Our Story
After more than 30 years and with more than 50 books to his name, acclaimed science writer Jack Challoner decided to explore more creative approaches to explaining science and technology. And so he founded Explaining Science Publishing as a platform for books of his own, as well books by other, like-minded science communicators.

As we are small and independent, we can take risks that big established publishers would not take. We relish the creative freedom that brings.

Rhymes … sometimes
Our first book was ‘The Diary of Curious Cuthbert‘, a fictional tale about a young scientist and inventor, told in rhyme. It remains our most popular title to date, and a new edition was published in 2024. Also in 2024, we began publishing a series of illustrated books written in rhyme. The first title, ‘What is Water?‘, explains the behaviour of water in terms of its smallest parts: molecules. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with the new releases in the Rhyme & Reason series.