Hello world!

It is a tradition among web designers to make dummy posts with the title ‘Hello world!’. This is certainly true of Word Press, which is the platform we are using for our website. Normally, the ‘Hello world!’ post is immediately removed. But we’ve decided to keep it, because Explaining Science Publishing would like to say ‘Hello World!’.

It is our express desire that our books will inspire people to think in a more scientific way, and to appreciate the incredible power and beauty of the scientific method and what it has brought and will bring into the human experience.  We recognise the diversity in people and in the way they see the world and the ways in which they learn. And so, there will be corresponding diversity in the way our books will  be presented. Some will be in rhyme; some heavily illustrated; some straightforward explanation; some for children, some for adults; some for people who already think scientifically; some for those who don’t.

And so our journey begins, and we set forth with a greeting: Hello, world!

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