Are We Nearly There Yet?


A charming children’s picture book featuring Rosie, a robot rover, speeding towards the planet Mars. By physicist and science educator Carol Davenport. 38 beautiful full colour pages.

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“Are We Nearly There Yet?” is a charming story of Rosie, a robot rover, speeding towards the planet Mars. On her journey, Rosie hears stories of other space probes whose exploits have helped expand human understanding of the Solar System. Rosie is a real space probe: her name is Rosalind Franklin (she is named after a very important scientist, who lived more than fifty years ago).

The Rosalind Franklin robot rover will reach Mars later this decade. With engaging text and beautiful images of planets and asteroids, this is a story to be read and enjoyed time and again. Carol Davenport is a parent, a physicist and a science educator.

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