Here Come the Numbers


Here Come the Numbers is a fun rhyming book about numbers for children, and adults too. Learn about square numbers, negative numbers, prime numbers and much more.

Written by Kyle D Evans, a maths teacher by day and award­ winning maths communicator and musical comedian by night. Illustrated by Hana Ayoob, an illustrator, a science communicator and a creative producer of science events.

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3 reviews for Here Come the Numbers

  1. admin

    “Utterly charming! Finally, a book that tackles all the basics of numbers for young curious minds – and old curious ones too. Perfectly mixing Kyle Evans’ sharp wit, Hana Ayoob’s quirky characters – and actual real facts – it will keep your budding mathemaniac entertained from every angle. I’ll be whipping it out as soon as my toddler asks “what’s smaller than zero, mummy?” so I don’t have to bluff my way through inferior explanations of my own…” Helen Arney, author of The Element in the Room.

  2. admin

    “A charming introduction to some simple, but deep number patterns” Alex Bellos, author of Alex’s Adventures in Numberland.

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    “This gorgeous, clever maths book is perfect for any parent who wants to introduce their children to the countless wonders that can be found in the world of numbers”.
    Alom Shaha, author of Mr Shaha’s Recipes of Wonder.

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